Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More stories to come

I hope you enjoyed Manhattan Girls. Just to let you know there will be more stories to come. My most biggest acclomplishment that I'll preview is.....Mystical tides. It's a script that I have been working on for two years.  don't worry I'll give the time to voice out my opinons and give out my interests. But my interests usually rely on my work. And there will also be a character breakdown for hogwarts girls(a comic book) will be coming soon. Will all of your regrads, give out your reviews. Thanks.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

about me: J.D.'s Bio (continued)

Well that was an interesting bio from Ivy. Which kind of left me out of the dust. This is gonna be my full bio of course.....so I'm not quite finished there. So as you can see i was born in Lexington all my life. I was very imagintive child. Always dreaming up fantasies about fairy tales and would always draw out my stories on my notebook. So it was my mom, my dad, and my sister. In my opinon, we were like a normal happy family(not that i can remember). We did stuff together, like going on trips and going out to dinner. I had happy childhood......so far. When I was about 6 years old, my dad got arrested. I never knew what he did to make him stay in jail for so long up until now. To tell you the truth, My Dad was selling drugs. Now I knew where that money was coming from. It pains me to even think about it. Okay, moving on. So my mom struggled from there on. From job to job. From Man to Man. Her longest relationship was with some drug-dealing asshole who gave me hell from up until i was 14. So let tell you about School. I liked School. School was fun. You may think i'm dork for saying this but at least i had things to keep myself busy. In Elementary, I was, of course, picked on badly because I was different. So I rarely spoke. I did have good friends but they usually come and go. So it was lonely. I used to cry myself to sleep because it was so awful. I usually would read a book just to escape from all that. Up until High school, things got a little better....I still had my friends in Middle School but from that point on it didn't. They drifted away....just like that. And yet, I was still lonely. So....I started dressing in all black with a sad look on my face. That's your definition of Emo. You can hate it all you want. That's just what I went by in high school. I started hanging out with the Goth/Emo kids. Even that didn't work out. They didn't give two shits about me. At least I gained one friend from that group. In my freshman year, I had my very first boyfriend. I had butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't believe it, a boy actually liked me. Until a week later after valentine's day, he gave me a letter saying that he was done with me. I was so heartbroken I cried for three days straight. Even when I came to visit him, he said he was with someone else.....and it was girl. It rained that day. And I ran all the home in the freezing cold rain, torn up inside. That's what I gained in high school, only one lousy boyfriend who left me vunerable and naive about relationships. All the emotions that was kept inside me I wanted to release. So I started writing my novels and worked more hard in school in which i was on the A/B Honor roll a number of times. I wasn't in any of the activties Ivy did becuase I wasn't that fucking popular. All those pousers looked down on me. Becuase what? I was emo? What other choice did I have to make? I tried being preppy. But no, I was too much of a charity case to join their crowd. So I was Emo. I really don't give shit what you people think. It's a style, not a fucking sterotype. Some of you people just enjoy that shit. Judging people for their self-worth and the way look or act. I hope some of you closed-minded motherfuckers in your closed-minded small hick towns can just kiss my ass because once you read this blog you would be surprised. And if any of you want to hate, don't fucking comment. Oh and just let you know, me and Ivy will discuss a topic about boys who are so fucked up you won't even imagine.

So let's give it up to the kids her we're outcasts in their high school. Let's give it up to the ones who didn't believe themselves at first but still had the strength to move on. Let's give it up to the kids who didn't have it all even though one day they might make it in life. I salute to you all.

With Regards,
Jonathan aka J.D. Alexander

about me: Ivy's Bio

Im very sorry for writing this bullshit.. an alien wrote that.. blah. and again im sorry peace and love to all...
writer- unknown

Friday, November 5, 2010

about me: J.D.'s Bio

hi i'm J.D. Alexander. I live in this boring town called lexington, You of all people know that's not interesting to talk about. I'm 19 years old, still look youngish by the way and mature level is not that high just to warn you. I am an aspiring novelist. I wrote about three books, two graphic novels and at least two screenplays. I'm not bragging or anything i'm just saying. I would like to post some of my stories if you like them. Also I have this friend of mine name Ivy. She's a very colorful character. She's also a transsexaul as well as i am gay, let me just put that out there. She too will post some blogs about herself. Well, you'll be hearing from me so. Welcome to J.D. and Ivy's Blog