Friday, August 19, 2011

Why Are These People Famous?

Today in the world of Televison I see a lot of Reality Shows. Some are decent, some are just plain ridiculous. Case in point, most of these shows come from MTV and E! Network.

Don't get me wrong, these are the networks I mostly watch but they are pretty much known for putting idiotic people on t.v. for no reason. This is where we go way back........

It all started with The Real World, showcasing REAL people in their everday lives while living in the same house together. Fast Foward to 19 years later and you have these same people partying, drinking, having sex, and punching the livng daylights out each other. And it gets repetive every season. I mean who wants to see that everyday?
MTV isn't as smart as it was in their historic times. Now it's plauged with these ridiculous shows such as The Hills, Jersey Shore or any other program invovling washed-up celebirties or young dumb person, showing off and partying.
During this hayday, there was a memorable little gem called The Simple Life....

Let's just say were glad that show is over and done with.

Mrs. Paris Hilton was already famous for starring in infamous sex tape, which unfortunely boost ratings, gaining her more attention for nothing other than being skanky, dumb, and rich.

Her Partner In Crime, Nicole Richie, has matured, being a wife and mother and mostly being low-key.

While Paris is still doing her thing in the low-rent reality market.

The Simple Life has pretty much rub off on other networks such as MTV. To market in a more realistic verson of the OC. The Result:

Laguna Beach. A bunch of Vapid, Dim rich kids who shop, party, and says like in every sentence. Maybe it's best if we leave these types of shows in fictionland cause it won't work in reality.

Which eventually gives us the spin-off The Hills, following our Level-headed heroine Lauren Conrad to Los Angeles. It's nothing new other than the characters are much vapid and dumber than before. Which comes to question: Is it real or is it fake? You decide.
Now it's reality shows here and there. If you're a washed up celebrity looking for a comeback, here's you a reality show. If you're a young rich heiress, here's you a reality show. If you're from New Jeresy, here's you a reality show. It's just so got damn ridiculous.
Much with the case with Alexis Neiers.....

Why did she have a reality show? was it because she was pretty? I mean the bitch commited a crime for christsakes! And yet these people think it's plausable to let this criminal have a reality show. You who those people are? Fucking E! Network.
You know what else bugs me, Teen mom and 16 + Pregnant.....

It just sends girls the wrong message when you find out these "stars" get paid to be on T.V. and their ongoing personal drama is a good boost for ratings. So what? it's ok to get pregnant at 16 because it might get you a TV gig? Yeah, that's what these young girls are thinking and it's sad.

Oh and if your're an idoit from New Jeresy and love to party and get tans, come down to the Jersey Shore to your dumbass on camera.

The True Stars of the Jersey Shore has got to be Snooki and The Situation. They are a match made in heaven, doing anything to get attention by showing off their asses or abs on T.V.
Gosh, if anybody can get a reality show, maybe me and Ivy can but we wouldn't go around acting like total idiots and like we have turd smudged all over our faces unless the producers asked us to. You know how those reality show producers are.
Oh well, Anybody can be famous unless they put their minds into it. There's no publicity like bad publicity. But if you want to be on TV, please do it for the right reasons....

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